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Restarting the Tutorial

Journal about a guy, City of Heroes, and putting the pieces back together

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What is 'Restarting the Tutorial'?
This is a personal project and diary of starting again.

The Tutorial is always something in either a video game or a sport where you are introduced to the elements of that environment. This is a bit of a pun on the City of Heroes environment where every new character usually re-does the tutorial to get their character to level 2. Its repetitive, annoying, but is essential for good character, life and power

This is where I am in real life.

Who are you in real life?
A 36 year old guy living in Perth WA,trying to raise a family, grow a generation of Heroes in the MMORPG City of Heroes and put my life and health back together after a serious illness. I am essentially a the start again and while
I have garnered a lifetime of skills and abilities, in my mind I am starting afresh in the basics of diet, health, martial arts and family life.

Who are you in City of Heroes?
I have been playing City of Heroes and City of Villains for over 3 years. I have garnered a multitude of characters and regularly update my "Roster" of Heroes and Villains. I was attracted to the game from a work friend I supervised and really enjoyed the freedom the game offered in terms of making superpowered beings and being let loose in a city full of darkened alleys and majestic city skylines. I do have my main Hero Embergale whos looks are modelled on mine (loosely I will admit :D ) As of late I have retired from City of Heroes and looked at a variety of other MMOs from World of Warcraft to Lord of the RIngs Online, which I currently make my home in Middle Earth.

Who are you in Lord of the Rings Online?
I play two characters that I would call my mains. My first character was a Hobbit hunter called Jasmine Sting when I first ventured into the world. However she has retired back to the shire to enjoy life and riches she accumulated in The Barrows. My wife and I play two sets of Chracters. My main is Embergale, a human Captain in a forbidden love with an Elf Hunter (my wife) These characters have followed the storyline of Middle Earth to get to real epic sagas. My other Character is a Hobbit Minstrel called Starling Birdson, essentially a healer, but working with her Burglar brother Isamwise (my wife) to find glory, knowledge and a dishonest days pay.

Who were you in World of Warcraft?
A dwarf Hunter named Hessey who was first and engineer but then turned into a leatherworker. She was short, red hair ablaze and packing heat. World of warcraft was a bief affair for me, and while I enjoyed it, I started to get frustrated with what essentially stopped being a game and became a second job. I am currently inactive.

What is this Sudden Illness you speak of?
This is a tricky thing to answer. I have actually had this all of my life, but was diagnosed in the last six months. It is called a Coarctation of the Aorta. This is not an illness per se, but a birth defect that has impacted my ability my whole life until now. Simply, I have a natural narrowing in my Aorta that has impacted the blood-flow from the top half of my body to the bottom half. This is usually detected in infancy and corrected straight away, but I am one of the unbeknownst masses who managed to survive and develop with it. Unfortunately its one of those things
that are generally asymptomatic until many other factors such as smoking, weight gain and sedentary lifestyle and these people succumb in their late 40's and  50's, of a sudden heart attack.

What are the symptoms of this condition?
This is what gets so many people. The post-ductal coarctation are generally considered asymptomatic (no discernable symptoms) that only really manifest later in life. It really falls into two catagories but sufferers can have;

  • Heart murmur as an infant/child
  • Poor Endurance on sustained exertion (I talking in single
  • minutes here)
  • Pressure headaches on exercise
  • Sustained cramps in legs or extremities (When these manifest in children
  • and teens, they can be mistaken for 'growing pains.')
  • Absence of femoral pulses

To compensate for this problem, the body as it grows will develop a whole new set of blood vessels in the chest to push blood down. It sounds quite amazing, however as you get older and more prone to weight gain and lack of exercise,
your blood pressure will start elevating. The problem is the blood pressure is higher in the top half o your body above the Coarcation while quite low in the bottom half. This results in;

  • Increase risk of stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Enlarged Heart
  • Angina (Odd chest pains and aches)
  • Irregular heart beat
If it all gets too much, the heart or the Aorta will go, and when it happens, its one of those 'instant' things that no-one can save you from.

Dude...Honestly, there are people who have survived cancer younger than you. Why are you on LiveJournal bleating?
This is a project of my own choosing, not yours. Everyone has a personal story to share, and this is mine. As I have stated, my life has started again, thankfully with minimal damage and a new outlook on life. This is something I have to maintain and I have had previous success with private journals, so along with weightloss and a new lease on life, maybe this will inspire others to do the same. Or maybe not and you can waste your pathetic life flaming me. Believe me Ive had worse.