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Restarting the Tutorial
Journal about a guy, City of Heroes, and putting the pieces back together
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21st-Dec-2012 10:55 am - Greeting from the Apocalypse
Naughty Thoughts
Still here. 
Pretty warm
Traffic was very light on the way into work. Maybe The Rapture happened, and you all didn't make it either LOL
3rd-Sep-2012 11:57 am - The City Sunsets

City of Heroes is shutting down for good...

I was introduced to the city by one of my employees in 2007 when I was a manager. I remember being in awe of the customization and put together some scratch Heroes and played around for a few days, but it wasn’t catching my fancy…

…until I was invited by a random for a sewer run. Just the idea of so many heroes running around with spells and powers exploding all over my monitor. I was amazed and signed up. My first Hero was a D3 to get to 50, it was an amazing experience. I rolled a few more heroes. I fell in love with them all. My last one was TA/Ill ninja and she was just awesome. All my heroes had backgrounds, bios, stats and fanfiction in my head and on paper.

But my time in the city dwindled, and I looked to other games. The city started to feel  stale, so my Heroes settled down for the quiet life, mourned their losses celebrated their wins and moved on.

But now it appears to be over for good. I thought the F2P model would keep it revitalized for a few years until Paragon could at least get an idea of CoH2 or something, but no NCSoft are killing it dead, and with that all those characters I made are dead and gone. Only now is it sinking in that even when I haven’t played it properly for over a year, all that lore, character design and everything with it is just gone. I always thought they were safe

Reminds me of the time one of my USB flashdrives failed and it had some outlines of a story I was looking at, and the thought of never being able to fully recreate that story as it was hit me hard.

I am grabbing my client as I type. I have unlocked my main characters and getting back in…My heroes need to go back to the city.

They need to mourn again…

They need to celebrate again…

They need to live again, and in turn let me live through them…




6th-Apr-2012 10:20 am - Packing
Yay 4 day weekend. Just packing to head out camping with the inlaws for 2 days.

I am also on Tumblr, and will most likely move there. The way Tumblr operates is more to my taste of short condensed posts over LJ at the moment. I will be on LJ probably reading more often than not, but...yeah LJ is feeling a bit stale of late.

Please follow me if you wish.
6th-Mar-2012 10:36 am - Decision
Well here I am again after a month absence again, and I am going to have to make a strong decision here whether I continue on with this journal or retire it. I have always enjoyed Livejournal, but I really do struggle to find myself posting these days. When I started the project, I was in a pretty dark place and thought that chronicling such events would help me heal. In this context, this journal has been a success.  I have got through my heart issues and they are back to a good state, I am working hard to get my health into a lot better state as well. Got my employment into a great state. 

But also my goals and dreams have changed. I originally started this journal with a strong focus on video games, particularly City of Heroes, but now I have permanently quit that. Actually funny story; I reloaded it on again over the weekend as a hankering for the game started and convinced my wife to have a shot and see how we went. We probably lasted a day, and the mechanics of the game started pissing my wife off almost immediately. After LOTRO and even WoW, it is a struggle to go back to City of Heroes. 

I also feel that I don't need to vent in such a setting any more than I used to. I certainly feel my communication efforts have improved immensely over the last few years, and can articulate my hopes and dreams. 

Despite all of this, I bet I still keep my LJ for the time being, and probably in a few months I will posting every day, but right now...I really don't see it. 
28th-May-2011 08:32 pm(no subject)
Crap and over a week later I post again. OK OK I have an excuse since starting my new job, I feel like a complete IT noob again, but I think thats how everyone feels in their new job. But more on that later. And of course new photos of further renovations.

So new job started this week, and technically I was still unwell. I met my team, and my supervisor and my offsider. I felt straight away that I was vastly underexperienced to these guys, but still put on the brave face. They had been there for years compared to me so I shouldn't have really felt so compromised. I was given an intial project to look at upgrading the mail server, it was when I found things were a little off. Documentation was sparse, as in there were no system configuration or even server maps, or standards. Everything was done by hand because the company head count was 'too small' Well that will change. I mean I did enjoy myself and immersed myself in my proposal which my boss seems to quite enjoy. However Friday morning my helpdesk guy called in sick and my Supervisor said he wasn't going to be in for four days next week...so looks like I am it....Um wow....

Other news I grabbed some more paint today and finished off the ensuite. Piccies below. I am so stocked, we only have one room left to paint, which is going to be a biggie, but we are coming to an end. Oh and we found a place that will deliver recycled wood blinds for a stupidly cheap price, including long drops. Just that feeling of finishing the house...yaaay

Ensuite Bathroom...Collapse )
11th-May-2011 09:25 pm - Day 3: Adjusting
Oh Yes...
I woke up again this morning thinking I was full on sick, both nose and throat but a shower and a throat lozenge really straightened it out. I think I have a cold, but also assuming the amount of dust we have kicked up moving furniture has started something.

Today was a day to reflect a bit of where we were at. The paint job had come up great so I spent the morning touching up the cornices and we went through our wardrobe to get out some old drawers that were broken. I think we surprised ourselves at how much stuff we have acquired, books, cards, games, comics, photos. Face it we are nerds.

With the wife needing to catch up with her business partners in the afternoon, we cleaned up and headed out to lunch in one of the older leafy suburbs near the river at this small Italian place. I was given a meal expenses card with my old job, so I really had to empty it out. The wife had a creamy risotto with chicken and lemon zest and I had breaded beef with salad and relish. Good good Italian food it was OMG good...and damn it felt nice to hit up a lunch for over 70 bucks for the two of us. mwahahaha!

The afternoon was a bit of a relax and sexy time (which now I am in trouble for kickstarting the wifes period, like really how is that my fault?? :)  ) with no kids in the house, and then cleaning up the house. I measured out the floorboards for what I would need to be cutting, and it was double one of the kids rooms. I was like wow what really. It was because of this cabinet that sat on one side of the room that gathered dust, took up space and really had no room apart from dumping stuff on it, there must be something about 70s furniture hand-me-downs. I really was a bit stunned. We have already selected new furniture that is really a set square piece and is functional, just need to buy them now, but I will really be looking foward to having a simple room again.

Other than that my City of Heroes Account has been reactivated, and I logged on to check out the new zones and run a few new heroes with different powersets. I miss my old costume creator and it was fun, and had a bit of a fun time running around the New Pretoria Zone. I have 7 days to play with it so lets see how I can power along my new characters.
10th-May-2011 09:30 pm - Day 2: Testing the waters.
Finally went to bed last night in the living room about 11pm. We ended up watching Ghost in the Shell 2nd GiG since I found a little utility that converts MKV files to PS3 readable ones. Hooo bloody Ray! :D

I woke up with an extremely sore throat and my heart sank. The ONLY week to be sick and bang on. I staggered into the shower and blasted my back with hot water and steamed up the shower to clear myself. It seemed to help. After the kids went to school. I was tinkering around on the computer for a bit. I started playing a really old game Dungeon Siege II which I really enjoyed about 10 years ago. The graphics are incredibly dated now, but hey... a bit of fun.

Today was painting da
y and I had the feature wall done in Peri Peri Red, which is beautiful and rich. The other walls were coloured in a darker Water Garden green, which is a darker shade than the rest of the house. After the first coat, you could see three walls basically had different colours, but you walked through the doors to find this lovely red and contrasting green. Loved it.

The wife spent the morning grabbing more wood flooring
, and then most of the afternoon and evening on the business plan, which seems to be taking off. The downside was that an impromptu business meeting is to be held tomorrow afternoon, which means I will be juggling the kids in the afternoon tomorrow while doing the flooring and dinner times. I will admit I am a bit cheesed since we had planned most of this week, and Wednesday is the day we were going out to lunch which she had forgotten. We are still going which is good, but I guess I wanted a week where we are doing things for each other a bit....Ill get over it.

The second coat was done for the evening, I made dinner of stirfry prawns Chinese greens and noodles. I suddenly grew very bored of Dungeon Seige so quit, and now wondering why I am feeling so sniffly again.

City of Heroes Servers down for 12 hours while
they do a massive upgrade. Wow thats a big one that might cut into my free reactivation week. awwww
9th-May-2011 09:33 pm - Day 1: Square off
Tch, my first sleep in today and I wake up at 7am with the sorest back its almost frozen. I manage to hobble out of bed and into the shower to warm up and loosen the muscles. This bodes well. After getting the kids off to school and the wife back home I head off down to the hardware store. First up I couldn't find any cardboard boxes which was a bit of a blow, but I found a fairly nice moving trolley and some garden gloves. I got a few pairs because the boys love mucking around in the garden. Next onto the paintshop and got the paint I wanted fairly cheaply all up. Many thanks to originalluff for the previous idea of hitting Craiglist for boxes, but in a moment of clarity I spied an Office Supply store and though they would have archive boxes. Well they did in fact a pack of 10 for 20 bucks which I thought was a steal. I also dropped into a video store to check out their laptop range. The wife has been wanting a new one, and this time with a bit of grunt for gaming, and playing LOTRO with me at the same time :D

Got back home. The wife was needing to writeup her business plan, so I pretty much had to leave her alone while I tackled our bedroom, and empty it. Sheesh as a parent, you whinge to the kids about the amount of stuff they have in their rooms, and then you tackle your own and..just wow. I ended up boxing and filling up one of my kids rooms with random stuff it was a nightmare, but finally done. Got a heap of old drawers and chests out onto the verge for collection so very happy about that. The wife and I have decided to sleep on the matress in our living room for a few days. That should be fun.

In the afternoon the wife had to go back to the school to take part in a mothers day even for our youngest, so I took a break and played a game until she came back...with our youngest in tow in tears, when he was supposed to be in afternoon daycare. Turns out he tried to run away from the school across the road. Hes getting out of control with his stubbornness that hes starting to be a danger. Completely freaked the wife out. Hes been banned from games and treats for the short term.

Wife had to go to work so I made homemade pizzas while the kids watched streaming TV, and then I put the youngest ones to bed only to have another argument. I snapped really hard at the youngest, and I could tell he got scared. Not proud of myself, but so had enough of this. The eldest and I sat down and watched Dr Who Series 6. Its shaping up to be great series my son loves it despite that it can really turn up the creepiness factor.

So today cleanup success. Tomorrow painting begins.

Hope you all have good days.
9th-May-2011 08:58 am - Job Free: Day Zero
Martial Arts
I am going to write a journal a day of my free week so I can look back and show just how much we got done over that week. We have a big schedule that involves our master bedroom including painting, large verge collection and with any luck I can redo the wood flooring in there. I will be online, so you can always pop me a message, I just might not respond as quick, 

Ive just sat here and wrote out what I need from the hardware store. I am just hoping they have packing boxes. Heh you never really think about buying cardboard boxes do you, but I know the shopping centres now crush their boxes for recycling.

Anyway report back tonight. Finished my toast, drank my coffee, now peering into the bedroom and dropping into a fighting stance.
18th-Mar-2011 07:08 am - LJ Question
This has me really curious now.

When someone deletes and purges their journal, do all their comments they posted to other people or communities get purged as well, or do they stay just with a line struck through their username?

I only ask because I was reviewing a community thread that suddenly seemed disjoined and that person had purged their account. I am fairly sure they wouldn't have gone through and deleted ALL their comments right?
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